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St James' Church, Canon Frome, Herefordshire

St James' Church, Canon Frome, Herefordshire
  • Client: St James' Church PCC
  • Architect: Hook Mason Ltd, Hereford
  • Project Value: £39K
  • Role: Principal Contractor
This was an interesting project to address multiple issues with the oak-framed steeple of this small, pretty church. At some point in the recent past the original oak wall-plate had been stripped out and replaced with brickwork under the steeple. This left the structure weak because, rather than fitting into a continuous frame, the rafters just sat on bricks. After propping the steeple we patiently set about removing the bricks in six foot sections and sliding in a new oak wall-plate. In all there were eight sections, joined so that the whole wall-plate acted as a continuous ring beam for the rafter feet, which were all tied back together. The wall-plate was fixed with stainless steel, threaded bars drilled and resined into the masonry.

The lead parapet gutters were renewed with Code 8 lead and the spire re-tiled with new Westmorland random slate.

As the oak work at the top of the steeple had suffered some dry rot we spliced new oak in and had a steel housing designed and fabricated to hold the old weathervane. This housing was slipped over the pinnacle and fixed into the rafters and the weathervane slotted into place. The final job was refitting the newly-gilded weather cock.
  • Roofing
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Structural Repairs
  • Plastering
  • Lead Work
  • Masonry
  • Decorating


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