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St Giles, Pipe Aston

St Giles, Pipe Aston
  • St Giles’ Church, Pipe Aston, Ludlow

    The church is a typical example of a small Norman church dating back to the 12th century. What makes this church building unique however, are the intriguing wall paintings and ornate Romanesque stone carvings.  Our program of works was enhanced by a thorough initial survey and straight forward schedule of works prepared by the architect Lesley Lloyd.  This resulted in very few variations to the works on site which made programming, planning and practical completion of the project a whole lot easier for us as the main contractor.

    Several test panels were completed to the external walls and a good matching hydraulic lime/ graded sand mortar mix was chosen by the CA for the purpose of repointing the external walls. All the walls were meticulously raked out by hand to the required depth (The depth of the raking out is the key to successful pointing and should be determined by the width of the existing joint, depth needs to be at least twice the width of the existing width or a minimum of 30mm.) Whilst the raking out process was taking place it soon became evident that the local mudstone building stone from which the walls were constructed, a stone locally quarried and typically found in the geology of the Ludlow area, was going to need some attention.  Descabbling of the loose friable face combined with some sensitive redressing conserved most of the stone, however in some areas changing isolated pockets of stone was necessary, random walling stone was locally sourced from the nearest quarry and stone was redressed to match existing and laid into the existing external face of the walling.     Once all raking out was complete our masons soon got into their stride and 8 weeks later the whole church had been repointed.  

    St Giles has wonderfully preserved original 12th Century Norman wall paintings, rediscovered in 1869 during restoration work. As part of the main contract we employed nominated specialist wall conservators Lloyds Haslam to carry out some very fine cleaning and conservation work to the paintings, scaffolding was erected and all  necessary attendance provided by us whilst the works were completed.

    Internally pews were carefully removed and defective low plaster removed from walls and the exposed areas plastered in a three coat lime render and finish.  After the vestry roof was re-laid the ceiling was underlined with stainless mesh and finished in lime plaster. 

    To complete the project a new French and storm water drain system was installed to the perimeter of the building.  
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